Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Turning 59... and GREEN.

Oh man, I am SO SICK.  Came down with food poisoning last night.  Had the Runs & Threw up all night long.  It was gross.  Today I am aching & racked with pain.  I have called every FA I know & left messages to please take my trip tomorrow.  It hasn't been a year yet since I had shingles for 3 months so I can't call in sick with out the threat of being fired.  FUCK.  I feel like shit.  And VERY old. 

This is one hell of a birthday.  Doris is at least being very kind to me.  Big heart balloons, pink roses (the smell is so making me nauseas again) & 3 great cards.  Very nice.  Just wish I didn't feel like hammered dog crap.  I thought I could fly all these hours (I'm up to 104 hrs) but I obviously just can no longer do it.  I am putting it out to the universe for an Angel to pick up my trip.  Everybody pray with me!

signed,  Old Mother Hubbard.


wordsrock said...

Happy birthday!
Since I don't have the runs and pukes, I'll have a few beers in your honor.

Hope you are feeling better soon!


jabz1965 said...

I know it's belated but I was HAPPY to know we have the same birthday as you commented on my blog. I am sorry you were sick for it, though I worked all day and into the evening myself, so I barely knew it was there. I enjoy reading your blog!