Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Dissappointing Flight

     I have flown on & off for over 3 decades with two other old farts, we've triple buddy bid for years & they have seen me go thru a gillion changes with the times.  They are great FA's & funny as hell.  Together we are hilarious & pretty much legends for being outrageous at our base after all this time.  And also for cussing & swearing like we have tourets syndrome.  They always work in coach (Main Cabin) & I in first class. 

     Well, I have picked up extra trips a lot in coach for a few years now.  And I have also worked with so many different FA's.  So imagine my shock & surprise this last trip when I picked up an Extra posistion in coach to fly with them again, & I ended up not so thrilled.

     Not that this is of any monumental importance, but I don't really care for the way they work their trip back there.  They were still great & also very professional, so it's not that.  I just don't like it, other FA's do it so differently & they are stuck in their own rigid habits.  Whatever.  I was just dissappointed. 

     And one of them has a mean streak that I doubt I'll ever get use to.  It comes on suddenly, out of the blue for no reason.  Example:  Going thru security at lax I say to her as I'm gathering up my things & putting my jacket back on, "you guys go ahead, I know you like to get coffee at Starbucks."  To which she gives me this look of dissdane like I'm crazy & stupid & says shaking her head, "ohhh you're way off.." like I'm making it all up...  Writing it down, I just sound too sensitive..  but being there, it just wasn't necessary.  Especially like they always want to go early to get the fucking coffee, but oh... I guess that's just in the (early) morning? Okay, I'm wrong, it's not that early, it's almost noon, I'm CLEARLY way off.  Wierd.  sheesh.  I ignored it. 

     Neither one of them even looks at computers, so I doubt they'll ever read this.  And it's not that big of deal, anyway.  I just expected more.  I was really so happy to see them after 4 months apart.  But I just had thought it would have gone differently.

     Oh, & it came up that this one doesnt like Rosie O'Donnell, Joy Behar or Kathy Griffith because "they're so mean" & she doesn't think that's necessary.  Lordie, try looking in the mirror, darling.  I mean, SERIOUSLY.

     Why is this making me sad & annoyed?  I don't know, maybe because I couldn't wait to surprise them & be a part of the 'coach team'.  And it WAS good to be back with them.  I guess it just reminded me of things I didn't care about them, too.  AS IF there aren't a bunch of things that annoy them about me.  I'll look back on this as just another experience of us together over the years & see how silly I was to have felt upset.  I do think I'll start writing it all down now, tho.  Try not to pass out from bordom.


nfluxus said...

Well that just sucks. Really it does. Disappointment is a general, overall sucky thing.

But...I think I want to go to LAX just to get on a plane that you're on and see the legend in action 30,000 ft up.


jabz1965 said...

I'd like to fly with you too! It is interesting that something you look forward to somehow ends up disappointing...especially something you've done before and every time it's great. Writing is good therapy!
Hang in!