Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Meme from another blog

Found this meme from Suburban Lesbian
Fill in your own answers...

I AM   a lipstick lesbian feminist.

I WANT  to laugh & be happy!

I WISH    that I were smarter & to help people. 

I HATE   a lot of different people...   those aren't the ones I want to help...

I MISS   Charlie..  & my brother's last wife, even tho' I like this one...  & being able     to talk to my mother, even tho' it used to be torture.

I FEAR    death.

I HEAR    ringing in my ears.

I WONDER    if I'll ever make it to retirement before I die.

I REGRET  getting involved with drugs in my youth & not being the dancer I was born to be,

I AM NOT  as nice as I wish I were.

I DANCE     in the aisles 35,000 ft up.... & at an occasional dyke club.

I SING  off key, all the time.

I CRY   from the pain of melocholy.  I really should get over the past.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS     drinks for passengers   & some collage art.

I WRITE    to try to get it out,  to purge.

I CONFUSE   most everyone.

I NEED   money.

I SHOULD    have more energy & ambition.

I START   trying to clean house, but there's too much to finish.

I FINISH  eating all food on my plate!
I'M GLAD   I've now lost 38 lbs!!!  I have 26yrs sober.  And that I have Doris & don't want OR need a man.
I LIVE   to love & be loved by Doris.
I PRAY    for good health & guidance.
I SEEK     to always be close to God Goddess Universe. 
I WOULD RATHER      be camping in the trees by a lake.
I PREFER     non-smokers.
I KNOW     I'm a survivor.
I MUST HAVE    friends with a sense of  HUMOR. 
I HOPE     for whirled peas. 


wordsrock said...

Hey hey, you've dressed it up a bit!
Interesting responses, my friend. :)

syd888 said...

Well, it's a good thing I wasn't trying to quietly rip you off, lol.  I think 5 or 6 of my readers have already done this.  

I enjoy your blog, btw.

Syd @ Adrenaline's Shadow