Monday, October 24, 2005

When has ANYbody ever known me to be quiet?

     Okay, here's a thought.  Many times different people would sit down by me to talk...  They have been reading my thoughts & feelings for 5 years now on our RHS_60sgrads list.  A lot have encouraged me to write because they liked the way I put words together.  But hardly any of these folks have written much of their own feelings & thoughts so I dont really know them anymore. 

     I still like them, love some of them, but here they all came to say hi, sitting down expecting brilliant discourse.  It was nice, really great they wanted a piece of me, but I found myself (much to my shock & dismay) blank, empty...  I didnt really know what to say (to many of these now strangers) that I hadn't written to them already. 

     Of course with the others that I have been personally emailing with back & forth, I had plenty to talk about.  It was just wierd to find myself sitting around people I really liked with nothing to say.  Totally odd.  And kinda embarrassing because they all expected me to be articulatingly brilliant & also to be Really Funny! 

     Well I was just nothing.  Might as well have been invisable, because my regular 'Felicia Flight Attendant' persona was gone, taking a break somewhere in the parking lot outside, I guess.  I dont know...  It sort of spooked me, this just never happens & I'm not sure I understand why it did.  Perhaps I was just overwhelmed by SO MUCH that was going on everywhere around us at all times! 

     At any rate, this is definately NOT one of the memories I recorded in my written journal they printed on the main website.  If I did, they could have written under it, "The brightly amusing Kathy Brodrick was a mute dork!" 

Oh, damn.  They found me out!  >.grin.<

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denaatoffice said...

Hi Kathy!

I was bored today at work so I Googled my own name & ended up here! I have spent "who knows how long" catching up. This is so damn addictive! I have loved "getting to know you". You are a very cool gal.

To be totally honest I remember very little about the "good old days" from RHS except spending most of my time with my boyfriend, Bill & working.

I too finally got lucky (3rd time around for me) & have been happily married for 13 years to a really great guy. Sounds like your Doris is very cool & she is lucky to have you too.

Just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed your writings on our site & now your blogs. You express yourself very well!!!

Got to boogie but keep up the good work & be happy too!! Call me sometimes when you are in Dallas. I live close to DFW airport.

Dena Merrill Harrison