Friday, October 21, 2005

An Introduction

MY Introduction:  by KMae

     Written for The Lesbian Lifestyle

     I was born in May of  '47 in Buffalo, NY & adopted in Cleveland, Ohio 3 months later.  I was raised in Dallas & Richardson, Texas...  Then moved with  my Brother & Parents to Los Angelos, California (after getting kicked out of college my Jr. year for dancing with a black student at a school dance.  It was 1968, but Texas still didnt recognize the Civil Rights Movement.  They should have been glad it was a boy! ) 

     That fall I became a Stewardess for a major airline to get to NYC to study dancing (I was born to dance!) with Luigi on Broadway, which I did until I got involved in Sex, Drugs &  Rock & Roll.  Or more like Rythmn & Blues, Soul & Disco.  Suffice it to say I blew my dancing career (which is the biggest disappointment of my life, addictions - Drugs, booze, SEX, food etc. - can seriously ruin & abort any future professional talent &  success,) but kept flying in order to support myself without having to get married. 

     In the early 70's myself & some other women started "Stewardesses For Women's Rights!"  Betty Freidan & Gloria Steinam helped us & we grew Big with women from All companies!  We changed a lot of things in the sexist airlines, but you can just never change enough.  I burned out, but many of those women went on to be our union leaders. I went on to find my true love, & it was a long search. 

     We are Flight Attendants now & I have just started my 38th year with the company, having cleaned up all drugs & booze 25 years ago.  I'm 58yrs & counting & feel it is a miracle I've survived thus far!  God, Goddess, Universe has blessed me with Doris, my beautiful partner of 24yrs whom I cherish more than anything, a little house for us to live in, a job to pay the bills & great people to fly with.  I am very happy.  

     I'd loved & lived with many men before finally coming out in my early 30's.  Imade bad choices with men & I made bad choices with women.  Not that I think being Gay is a choice.  Trying to be straight was more of a decision because it was easier in some ways, particularly back in those days.  Until I just couldn't stand it any longer, that is.  It was always like sleeping with the enemy.  Male entitlement is such a bore. 

     I have already written my "Coming Out" Chronicles, Searching for "The One" in 4 parts here, for The Lesbian Lifestyle.  It was wonderful to have the opportunity & female space in which to do so, & I don't want to repeat all that now, but it's in the archives! 

     I wish there had been something like this when I was young, but we didnt even have computers then.  I am grateful to Kelly (Ms. Goldstar Dyke) for creating such a great vehicle for us to write, share & enlighten each other.  And I appreciate all you bright Lesbians who take the time to send in your thoughts & stories.  You women rock! 

Love, Light & Peace to each of you.



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