Friday, October 14, 2005


     I still seem to be in withdrawal from the Reunion.  I dont know why, it's been 5 days.  Maybe it's the constant rain outside, it IS rather depressing.  Summer is gone, Fall is definately here in the East & Winter is a'commin'.  Or maybe I'm just odd, I really enjoy stuff like that. 

     Mainly it was really cool to hook up (well not in the carnal sense, haha) with all the new email friends I've made thru the past 5 yrs, thanks to the RHS_60sgrads elist.  Of course it was super to see all the old kids I went to school with (& at this point we ARE ALL really OLD,) even some that weren't so kind to me in the past.

     I recognized a 'coming of full circle' at one point the last evening when I was seated next to memories of past childhood pain, & it just didn't seem to matter anymore.  Altho' it will always be part of who we Were, it now is incidental along the paths of growth that brought us to where we Are today. It had seemed personally shattering (& treacherously tragic) in my sweet, fragile 11th year of life & was always under the surface of my oozing, pubescent Jr.High/High School angst. Of course, in adulthood at 58 & 59 there is no drama & it seemed rather nice to have shared a short bygone & enjoy the moment.  Pleasant & neutral - though fleeting, the 'full circle' moment did not pass without my notice and a feeling of peace.   Growing up & old isn't all bad, bonds of harmony can be greatly calming. 

     All that blurbeled out, I'd like my point to be that my favorite times were learning more about people I never knew that well in school, & about those I email back & forth with.  It is good to share feelings without trying to impress each other & naturally find common interest &/or enlightenment. 

     Other than that, who WERE all those old farts I found myself surrounded with?  And who the HELL is that old lady staring back at me in our photos?  Yipes!  Life goes on.

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