Monday, October 17, 2005

Why I Love Reunions

 Why I Love Reunions

To the RHS Class of 65:

    Well, I fianlly had a minor epiphany this morning in church while thinking of you all & wondering why the heck I get so into these reunions.  Now don't go falling off your chairs at the mention of me going to church, heh heh!  It just so happens that my partner is a great gospel singer & I go to an all Black (CME) church & am even allowed to sing in the choir!  (Luckily they all sing way over me so that even if I bellow at the top of my lungs, nobody can really hear me in the cracks!) 

     Now I'm not preaching that anyone should go to church, in fact often times I'd just as soon stay in bed & sleep longer.  I fully believe that God, Goddess, Universe is everywhere & available to all.  Spirituality is a personal path & clearly there are many directions.  I have never found an organized religion that covers all I believe, but there is something to be said with the energy of sharing whether in a building or in an AA meeting, or in nature- my personal favorite.

   Anyway, I was thinking about what a survivor so many of us have become in life.   That is what I find most intriguing.  We are all miracles to have each gone thru our private storms, personal hells & ended up on our feet! 

    Even though many of us grew up white, privileged, pampered, entitled &/or spoiled,  [& so many others had to survive so much more, like say slavery & predjudice,]  we have still had our share of problems & pitfalls.  I find it exciting to see those I shared my childhood with (whether we really knew each other is beside the point, we were all there together one way or another.)   So when we go to our reunions I feel so glad to see how everyone is not only surviving, but flourishing & maintaining!  It is exciting & makes me happy. 

     So we are all MIRACLES & are surviving life's lessons thathave come our way!  I was wondering if anyone would care to write a few sentences, a paragraph or even more, whatever might come to you about this? 

What was one of the lowest points in your life?

What was one of the best parts of your life so far?

What was the hardest lesson to learn?

What was the best lesson you learned?

       or Anything that pops into your mind.




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