Monday, October 10, 2005

My 40th High School Reunion pt2.

      My 40th High School Reunion,  Pt. 2 

                            DAY ONE   

     Who would have thought I'd have so much fun riding in the RHS Homecoming parade with Bonnie Wheat Chrisman on the back of a white '65 Mustang convertible?!  The rest of our classmates walked along behind,  Boy, was I ever the lucky one not having to straggle & trounce thru that little hike!  Margaret Steenson Filingeri (totally lean, high energy!) had no problem, being the champion runner that she is, but it was turning into a huff-a-thon for many of the others trying to keep up with Marilyn Tipton's (who looked great, is still so sweet & as beautiful as she ever was!  Thanks for giving up your car seat to me, M!) husband Bob Halpin driving us in his Mustang.  First Leonard ("Crazy Ass") Hough tried jumping on the back of the trunk to get a ride, but he kept sliding off with that narrow little tale of his!  haha!  Then poor Sherry Vaughn Faulkner (still so pretty & petite) got a blister & soon jumped in beside us. After that Selena Correll Cornwall leaped in with us (it was probably like another 3hr flight sprint in the back of a Super80 from DFW to LGA for her! - still one of AAL's finest!)  It was really hilarious to see the reaction of all those kids watching our class of '65 hobble along with our RHS 65 baseball caps on & altho' they were cracking up, I do think they were genuinely impressed.  As for Bonnie (who had a tiara on top of her RHS cap - is there ANYone funnier?? She is so much FUN!) & I, as well as Becky Brown Sebastian (another laugh riot!) riding shotgun - we couldnt stop laughing.  The 3 of us were quite the comedians, throwing out wisecracks about the situation like rounds from a machine gun.  We were hysterical!  Man, that was a gas!!!!

     After the parade we had a good BBQ buffet awaiting us at Linda Eppright (dang, she's still beautiful & refined!) & James Foo's church across the street from RHS, which has now been builtup AND out to look like a college campus.  Many more grads poured in as we all ran to greet each other!  Thank goodness for all those name tags with our '65 yearbook picture hanging around our necks, we would have never recognized half of those who came.  I finally got to meet many of you that I've emailed with, but had not known well in school.  It was exhilerating!  I really love you guys. 

     From there a bunch of us went across the street to the RHS Homecoming game.  The stadium was almost filled to capacity but we found about 5 empty bleachers at the very end of the "home side," enough for about 30 of us to fit in.  I couldnt believe we were sitting in our old stadium & looking at the very field many of us used to run or march on!  It was really kind of cool.  All those 'baby' Eagles down on the yard lines were hustling with all their might under those BRIGHT, beaming arena flood lights & the roaring crowds were deafening.  I watched all the kids in the stands, running back & forth, up & down, shouting to each other as they passed, looking for friends & hugging.  They were SO adorable.  Were we ever that young? 

     And my gosh, remember those mums with the purple & gold ribbon streamers we used to wear so proudly?  Thru the decades they've morphed into these gigantic creations with 3 inch white or purple stuffed little bears attatched to the big mums from which a gillion different Metalic streamers hang made of gold metal stars, metal hearts, metal letters spelling out names, jingling & jangling as the kids ran past along with really, really long ribbons flying behind all that clanging metal decoration (which as awesome as it was reminded me of those long beer can tab chains some of us used to make in college...)  (certainly not ME!! - hah!)

     The game itself seemed exciting (what do I know from football?) & I found myself jumping up & down, screaming as loud as anyone while tooting the little horn Bill Olderog gave me for the parade.  Bonnie's eardrums may never be the same.  I really couldnt believe it, I was having so much fun for someone who hates sports & was way over parades years ago.  When I first got our itenerary I thought to myself, 'what moron thought this crap up??'  Now I was thinking that person was a genious!   Of course Im sure it was the company I was with, all our classmates, still with the school spirit  including Linda Latimer fitting & looking fine in her Eaglette letter jacket! 

     Speaking of Eaglettes, I stayed for halftime (the most important part) to hear the bands & watch the drill teams.  The Eaglettes were adorable, just great, but of course our old fitted, satin uniforms & top hats looked MUCH better than the polyester crap they were wearing, & their bolero hats just looked lame.  Seriously.  Their dance routein was good, but there were only about 30 of them compared to our large drill core of the past.  One thing for sure... I'm glad we didnt have to do all those amazing jump splits they did over & over again.  Now that was impressive!  Well, times have changed:  The majority of us were still virgins back in our day, so jumping up high & landing hard in a split again & again could have easily put an end to all that!  Hah hah hah!  Just kidding. >grin!<

     After halftime I left & joined a party group over at the beautiful home of Ann, Ashley & Ken Richardson Rankin.  That was fun, looking thru annuals & catching up with the Rankins (SO welcoming & hospitable,) Tom & Shirley Prickett (Love their sense of humor,) Cheryl King Grey (what a gorgeous bundle of energy!) & her cute hubby John, & all the rest; my steam was running down by now Im sorry Im not mentioning everyone here.  Ann has decorated her home with great taste & art (esp Ken's!) & it was impecably tidy - a feat that has always escaped me, much to Doris' chagrin.  All my accumulated treasures & clothes makes our tiny house look like the bargain basement of a Salvation Army thrift shop in comparison!  One of these years I'll get around to weeding it all out.  I have to say that all the neighborhoods of Richardson are really beautiful & so nicely landscaped now.  I remember when growing up, all our houses were brand new & we started from scratch with our yards.  That community pride is still obvious there in Richardson & it's a lovely pleasure to drive thru!

     I returned to the Richardson Hotel & stopped to chat with John Roberts in the bar.  What a polite, interesting person!  He has published about 54 mystery novels & other books.  And he has had a variety of interesting past adventures to talk about.  It was great discussing how growing up in Richardson in the 50's & 60's affected us in the past & comparing it to today in the present, for him in New Mexico & for me in New Jersey.  We ran in different circles in high school, so it was good getting to know him now as an adult.  Soon Carol  & Dave Frederick Covin came to the bar & we all moved to a table & enjoyed visiting.    I didnt know Carol that well in school either, & she has turned out to be one of those magnificant late bloomers!  These were some of the smart kids & wow, did they bloom, bourgeon & transform!  I really liked Dave, he was funny & I could just see the mischief he must have gotten into when  he was little kid, he still has that twinkle in his eyes.

     What a neat day!  I didnt want it to end.  I begrudgingly pushed myself into the elevator.  Then I fell into bed exhausted.


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