Thursday, August 04, 2005

Who Is Your Role Model?

Lesbian Icons: Who is your role model....   An August topic for The Lesbian Lifestyle.

     I really havent had a role model for years, but I must say I do look up to Professional Lesbians, Popular Lesbians or Lesbians in the Media who have had the strength to come out.  Not only that, but those who have the grace to lead a life of honor & love to their woman, partner or wife. 

      I think Rosie O'Donnell is such an example.  She is way COOL in so many modes.  Not only does she seem to have the energy of an "Ever Ready Bunny," but she has always done so much for so many.  She's got that wonderful NY toughness, is blunt & tells it like it is.  Not to mention she is FUNNY as hell. 

     Of course WE all knew she was a lesbian.  Amazing middle America didnt have a clue, huh?  When she came out (not in life, but to the nation) she was very low key as she continued with her talk show.  She would share pictures & home movies of children she adopted, then soon we all saw pictures of her beautiful girlfriend in the papers.  And who can forget her tearful pledge of love & gratitude in front of Americana to Kelly who stood by her during her hospitalization for surgery to keep her from loosing a finger?  Oh my God, my heart flipped!

     Then in the middle of her successful run, she chose to quit that excellent talk show of hers in order to stay home with her family, which now included Parker, Chelsea, Blake & newborn Vivi that Kelly & she just birthed!  Who could believe she would give up all that success for a stab at trying to live a "normal" life? 

     Around this time Ms. Ro got involved in a lawsuit with the magazine "suits" that stopped giving her respect & started dragging her name in the mud by publishing Rosie no longer using her input among other things.  She stood up to the mf's even tho she could have lost her 'fortune,' stayed strong & stood tough for her values & has lived to tell the story. 

     All thru this time, Ro did musicals on Broadway, appeared as guests on other talk shows, hosted award shows, sponsored Tabu with Boy George on the boards, & flew to San Francisco & got married to Kelly!  Who doesnt remember them walking down those steps to all the news cameras announcing the victory of legally pledging their love & devotion!  And God, didnt they both just look so HAPPY & BEAUTIFUL!!  That was thrilling & gave me hope.

     She had a website for some time, but now Rosie shares her wonderful blog,, with any & all of us who care to peruse her weekly wit, thoughts, feelings & eclectic prose.  She shares her exciting artwork & pictures of her gorgeous family, & we all watch them grow & live their lives as she adds new photos quite often.  Also there are times the comment section opens & many of us write in to talk & expound on what she's said & what's going on! 

     A recent topic has been this over-the-top, amazing cruise that Kelly & her business partners, & Rosie put together for Lesbian & Gay partners with their children!  It's a safe vacation space where the kids & parents all get together & travel the globe & enjoy the freedom of being out & who they are!  It's called 'R Family,' & it almost made me want to run off & adopt a daughter so I could join in the fun.    

     I dont know Ms. O'Donnell, so I cant really list all the wonderful things & charities she does as well as other projects, but I can tell you this much.  As a flight attendant, I have had Ro onboard 3 different flights thru the decades from when she was a VJ on MTV until before she became a mom 10 yrs ago. She was always kind, sweet, polite, respectful to the flight attendants as well as the passengers, & always would laugh at the dumbest jokes folks would feel compelled to come up & tell this comedian.  She was great, down to earth & never demanded any special attention & I think of her fondly.   The girl was NICE!

     Rosie is REAL.  She hasnt let showbusiness mess her up.  Although she is strong, she is also fragile, speaking in the past of dealing with depression, medication & many trials & tribulations she's had since childhood.  Ro's been honest.  She's a powerful example of a Lesbian in Love with Life, her Woman, her Children & her "Sister-friends."  She is the COOLEST!  I've gotten a lot of pleasure & fun through the years from Rosie.  I really dig her and I think she's Brave.    

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