Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Clearing Medical

Well, I finally cleared medical today!  It took forever & I had to resend the fax from my Doctor.      Call-a-Nurse NEVER answers their phone so you always have to leave recorded messages.  Which is a pain in the ass because they are the ones who clear us. 

But anyway, my Doctor has turned out to be a real priss-ass prig.  In fact I am beginning to wonder if she is trying to sabotage me. 

Yesterday she informed me she would not put in for a family leave for me because she didnt think the Shingles or the Post Herpetic Neuralgia would come back.  What, are you kidding me???  I was in shock. 

The family Leave program is where you can call crew schedule if you come down with your illness before or during a flight & they will take you off your trip.  Without it you will only accrew sick instances & after 3 of those you can get fired.  I now have 2 instances because these shingles took me out for almost 4 months.  After only a week it counts for 2 instances.  If I have to call in sick again during the calendar year from when I clear (which is today), they can try to fire me. 

Then today when I went to her office to get the report so I could refax it, I saw where she wrote that I was OVERWEIGHT (among other things.)  Now while this is definately true (she could have written Ive become a fat cow & it wouldnt have been wrong,) it has nothing to do with me returning to work from a sick leave.  Not only that, this is to AAL medical... now wouldnt you think that an airline would jump on this with it's strict weight rules (even tho' the rules are better than they used to be.) 

This is a professional that I trusted & she has just sold me out.  Or so Im feeling.  Im sad & dissappointed.  Im thinking it could be because she was Doris' Doctor first, then Doris' insurance changed & wouldnt pay for a few visits, so Doris left still owing money to Dr. Jennifer May-Ortiz.  Could she be taking this out on me?  Doris did eventually pay her bills here.  I just dont get it.

I need to find another Dr.  It's so wrong when you trust & depend on another woman, want to give a woman your business, then they stab you in the back. Like, what the HELL?  She is so young & so new, she does not have enough experience.  Im an idiot for choosing to go to her. But back then she had been always concerned & so good with Doris, so I admired & appreciated that. 

I feel discouraged. But even more, I Am pissed.  How dare she tell me the Shingles wont come back when it has for so many people, a couple of which I know personally.  Yet she fears that if she writes out a FMLA request she could be fined for lying since she doesnt believe ( since i havent had pain for 2 big weeks now) that this virus/disease wont come back. I am disgusted. 

I just hope Im not fucked with my company over this if I DO have to call in sick again.  Which of course is futile because we ALL get fucked by AAL when we call in sick.  Which is why SO MANY of us fly when deathly ill, & therefore make all our fellow flight attendants around us sick too. 

I dont understand how she turned into such a damn bitch.  Clearly it's hard to find a GOOD doctor. 

Sorry for this boring blog entry.  It is just what's on my mind.  

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