Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Today I finished writing 5 chapters of my "so called" lesbian life.  PHEW!  What an accomplishment.  It felt great typing away, trying to make sense of it all!  I was surprised to find that it takes a LONG time to write stuff.  Like ALL day.  Now I have nothing left to say, (well, that's printable that is..)  So I think I'll take a break. Put the computer down Kathy & slowly back away! 

Two days ago we went to a great Lesbian party!  There were some real "old girls" there.  Nobody drank or smoked, it was wonderful!  Even the 8 little kids there were well behaved, cute even.  Everyone was very nice to us.  doris had a good time, but for me it was WONderful!!!

     I just love being around dykes!  The boggetyier the better!  Cant help myself, just LOVE a true butch!  Im in my element & feeling the flow!  I left invigorated!  It's so great to NOT have to be around straight people, if even for a day!

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