Friday, June 29, 2007

Last Trip With Parilyn (Pam & Marilyn)

Okay, I've been off chocolate, ice cream, cookies & candy for a week. I do feel better (damn, that shit makes me dull & stupid...) but I only lost .2 of a lb at Weight Watchers weigh in yesterday.  Well, I was happy that at least I lost SOMEthing AND I got off the junk.  Man, sugar is SUCH a drug.  I want it.  At least I got a bit of a grip back, & well, practice makes perfect.

Tomorrow is the last flight I'll be taking with my flying partners that I triple buddy bid with.  It's bitter sweet.  I sure will miss those crazy bitches!  I'm dreading saying goodbye on sat night when we land back at Newark.  They won't let anyone give them a party, but I know some Flight Attendants have put up a banner for them in operations & 2 journals are being passed around for all to write comments & their fond farewells.  I bought Pam a ton of dark chocolate (she's a chocoholic!)  I bought Marilyn a ton of red wine (she's a ..well, nevermind.. she thinks we don't know.)  Of course, I got funny cards.  This is going to be really hard.  Maybe I'll be better after they're gone & all this is over with.  But I still sure feel sorry for myself that I can't join them, ESP since I'm  a year plus senior to them both. 

Since I last wrote, 2 of Doris' grandsons have graduated High School.  I was in town for only one of their commencements, but I cried when I saw him marching into the auditorium in his blue robe & tossel cap.  Of course I took a ton of pictures.  I was SO proud & it is aways such a miracle! 

I remember back when I graduated high school, wow.  You never again feel that happy or brilliant EVER!  It's such a wonderful time.  So sad to loose that sweetness & naivete. And that feeling that the world is your oyster!  Well, actually being naive wasn't so great.  But I sure as hell am not that sweet anymore.


dghtronly said...

Congrats on getting the sweet eating under control!

You know what they say, a loss is a loss--way to go!


val41221 said...

Good for you!  keep it up!

Hope the parting goes well and I'm sure you'll stay in touch with them, no?

bentfabric77 said...

I agree with Deb - a loss is a loss.  :)

kmb524 said...

Oh Gosh, I WAS doing well with the food, STILL not eating sugar & chocolate, BUT have been doing carbs & big portions...  telling myself at least Im not doing junk... but heck I think I gained like 5 lbs, dont really know, gotta get a better grip.  Still I haven't eaten ice cream, etc...  

It was hard to see my friends retire.  Guess I'm shoving it down with food.  What else is new?  I should blog about it.
Thanks deborah, val & bent!