Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Tony's

I was watching the Tony Awards tonight & when it started "A Chorus Line" was singing & dancing!  I started crying, singing along.  I always feel like SUCH a FAILURE since that is why I became a Stewardess in 68 - to get to NYC, study jazz ballet with Luigi & do Broadway chorus.  That was my huge goal in life. 

As it is, I still struggle to survive all the bad choices I made during my youth, thru out my life.  And unfortunately SEX, DRUGS & DISCO took my eyes off the prize & I've been dealing with the result of addictions since I finally faced them starting 27yrs ago. 

When I tearfully said to Doris "I'm such a Failure..." during one of the show's musical numbers, she said Don't feel bad Kathy, God's been VERY good to you.

She's right.  Case closed.

Not to mention, Doris fell down the steps about 0500am last night & we're SO LUCKY she didn't break anything & seems to be okay!  Phew!  Thank you God.
Scared me to death.

As far as Tony Soprano tonight - WTF???


bentfabric77 said...

I'm so glad Doris is okay.  


val41221 said...

It's dangerous to look back... and success is not measured in goals you attained, but rather in the way you survived things you didn't plan on.  

I agree on the Soprano's... WTF?  SO not worth watching the entire hour WAITING for him to be knocked off!

Glad Doris is ok...

nfluxus said...

I'm glad Doris is ok because you need her around to remind you how lucky you are.

It's nice to see you back on the blog comment trail. The comment section of various blogs just weren't the same without you.


dghtronly said...

YaY!! to Doris being OK and for the emotional kick in the pants she served up, reminding you how blessed you are!!! YaY!!!

Truly, the Sopranos finale...ick -huge-

I'm glad Doris is Ok and you are feeling good and positive again. (I too am glad you can comment again--I've missed you.