Thursday, June 07, 2007

Char Margolis

I had a famous Psychic on a flight, Char !
She was so nice, sweet & very high energy with a beautiful, warm smile.  She asked me if my mother's name was Ruth.  I said yes. Does she know I'm sorry?  The lady sitting next to her said yes, all mother's know that about their children.  Char was quiet then said NO!  SHE's the one who's sorry.  You have nothing to feel sorry about.  She was very unhappy & made your life miserable. (tears started falling from my eyes.)  She  was vain & self centered & so narcissistic.  She is VERY sorry.  I said she was very mean.  Then thank you So MUCH, is she okay?  Char nodded yes & said she's okay, but she's about here, (& she held her had below her face) she's working her way up here (& she held her hand above her head.)  She's working it off.  My makeup was getting really messed up from my tears, I said THANK you & walked 3 rows up into the galley to blot my face.  She got up & came by touching my arm saying are you all right?  I said yes, thank you I am so grateful!  She said frowning & shaking her head, your mother was really terrible I'm so sorry you had such a childhood & went towards the lav.  I smiled & said she was difficult.

It was ALL SO COOL!  I felt SO validated.  I Knew I wasn't crazy, people used to act as if I was so wrong when I became jubilent when she died.  It was a good closure.  I am SO LUCKY she gave me that reading!


jabzz1965 said...

That's amazing kmae...I have to admit I've not heard of her, but have been fascinated by psychics. What is it about mothers? lol It's hard to overcome when your mother is so mean, you somehow have to make your own way and start over again.

What a wonderful thing to have experienced!
Now you can breathe again :-)

val41221 said...

It's always nice to get confirmation of your feelings.  Sorry your upbringing was so horrible.  glad you feel better.  Better late than never, right?!

sassyfemmect said...

KMae, did she just start talking to you like that out of the blue???  I've never really known whether or not to believe in this stuff, or if I do believe if it's best to just leave well enough alone, or go searching to make sure my parents are okay (God, I write that and I swear I hear them in my brain telling me they are, they're fine.)

Regardless, what an amazing experience for you to have!

kmb524 said...

Julie, yes indeed I CAN breath again!

Val, so definately better late than never!

Sassy, I actually started talking to her first as I am also a bit psychic.  Someone named David wanted me to tell her hello, so I did & she was happy I was so open to it all!  As for your "hearing" your parents telling you they are fine in your head, that is exactly how it happens!  Char says always go with your gut's 1st impression (for example when she asked if David was deceased or living, I said I was sensing deceased...)  Also, my mother helps me find things I loose, like my keys.  It's interesting!