Friday, March 30, 2007

Still Sick

Went to the Dr yesterday.  She gave me a script for dizzyness.  It is making me sleepy. AS IF I need anything to sleep all day.  I have a trip tomorrow which I can not take since I'm still not well, so guess I'll be sleeping thru the weekend. 

I always worry about getting fired from my job, even after all these years...(38yrs 5months).  But I'm sure they would love to fire me since I'm so senior.  Seems you always are just waiting for the shoe to drop!  It's ridiculous.  They harrass you for all kinds of shit.  If you call in sick & you're out for over 7 days they count it as TWO sick instances.  When you get 2 sick instances you then get a stupid letter saying you are on their bad list & one more sick call, you could be fired.  They make it so bad that many of us fly sickly, in which case you contaminate others.  It's so stupid.  Anyway, I do have a Dr to fall back on here, & hopefully I wont get sick again for a year.  But how the hell do you ever know when you're going to fall ill?  Airline management are not nice people to work for.

I have only boring entries right now.  Sorry.
Thanks for everyone's good wishes.
At least I don't seem to be barfing my guts up all the time anymore.  Yay!  Therefore I am grateful!!!!!


dghtronly said...

It must be awful to work under that kind of constant pressure and fear. My heart and continued admiration goes out to you. ((((kmae))))
Hope your health continues to improve.  Deborah

val41221 said...

wow... you've been sick a long time... what's the deal????!!!  Is this what I have to l look forward to???!!  hehehehe!  You get a bug and it never leaves?  I hope you feel better soon.

jabzz1965 said...

What BS!!! It's bad that you can't even be sick now. I know you'd think that all those years and service would mean everything and it sucks that it doesn't...what's it all for anyway? Especially when you can't even be sick.

Guess I don't feel so bad about my job LOL

Hang in there toots...feel better and comfort yourself at ALL COSTS!!! YAY!!


kmb524 said...

Thanks Deborah & Janet!

And Val, HAHHAHHAH!  Very funny.
Yes, get ready.  One day it seems like everything just goes to hell. hehe.