Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I Have A Sinus Migraine

Oh my gosh.  Last night was SO windy that the turbulence shook my brains up on landing.  That kind of stuff turns you green it's all I can do to keep from hurling, which would be most embarasing strapped into the jumpseat in from of 150 people. Then the employee parking lot (at the edge of the field) was freezing cold, the wind chill beyond bad!!

When I woke up I had a sinus migraine.  It was SO painful I thought I'd throw up.  I took some Motrin sinus/headache tabs.  Later took an Advil Migraine capsule.  Luckily now I only have a small headache. I am resting now.

What do you do for Sinus Migraines???
Any suggestions?


dghtronly said...

Oh wow...that sounds dreadful. I'm sorry you are feeling so poorly. Sorry, no remedies. Sounds like you are doing what you can do.

I do hope you feel better soon. :)


sassyfemmect said...

Nothing for the migrane, sorry.

Your comment on the turbulence brought back everything I absolutely hate about flying.  I have to pop a couple of benedryl before I fly so I'm rather out of it, or I'd be a nervous wreck the entire time!

nfluxus said...

I have no suggestions for you. I was looking at the weather up there and yes, Max will freeze her ass the fuck off. -4 wind chill? Fuck no. She'll be knitting by the fire from what I hear.

bentfabric77 said...

May I suggest some NyQuil on the rocks. :)

jetsam8888 said...

And you're probably under pressure to act all stoic so as not to upset the pussy passengers, huh?

As for migraine meds, know that over-the-counter products that label themselves "migraine," including Advil Migraine, are the self-same product as their non–migraine-labeled counterparts. It's an absolute sham that the FDA approves such labeling, but they do. When in doubt, always check the active ingredient(s) and compare to the standard product.

I take a really effective prescription migraine med called Midrin. In addition to plain old acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, it contains a component that constricts the dilated arteries in your noggin, relieving pressure and pain essentially by reducing those signals to your brain. You get a nice fizzy feeling when this action kicks in—blood rushing from your brain is, after all, the primary cause of those euphoric feelings pre- and post-orgasm! It also contains a mild sedative, but I'm able to take it during the day without impairment, just a little extra sleepiness as evening approaches.

Ask your doctor if Midrin is right for you!

No, I don't own stock in the manufacturer; I just like to spread the gospel about THE FIRST medication that has ever helped me vanquish those fucking headaches.

jetsam8888 said...

Oh, btw, the preceding comment was from Scout, just in case you think some nut job is spamming your blog with pharmaceutical ads.

kmb524 said...

I appreciate the suggestion of Midrin.  I'm going to check it out.  Which Scout are you?  Thanks.