Friday, March 02, 2007

Better Now

Okay, I'm a happy woman now.  Pictures are starting to get posted & I don't feel so left out.  It's amazing how easy it is to feel close to so many bloggers.  I really enjoy my lesbian blog group & now I see what they look like!!  Yep, I was right, Goddess Bloggers - all of 'em!  And Sassy, you & Fran have a beautiful home.  Simply divine!  Wow.

Sorry I was so impatient.  Impatience is better in flower beds.  (grin.) 

I went to a new female doctor today.  She is really nice & nurturing.  She called me sweetie & even tho' she was only 2 yrs older than me, I felt calm by that.  My last dr was so young and sorta snippy & afraid to do anything wrong.  I lost my trust/faith in her.  We'll see how this one goes.  She was kind. 

Oh, & this is for all the party bloggers..........

              V A G I N A  !!!


dghtronly said...

Glad you got your pic fix satisfied. :)

Good Luck with the new doc. I like my doc, but not the staff. I still haven't looked for a new dentist. Uggh.

sassyfemmect said...

Glad you liked the pictures!  Thanks for the kind words.