Saturday, March 17, 2007

Frickin' Slush

OMG!  I had a damn flight to LA today.  Of course they wouldn't cancel it even tho' the snow & sleet was blowing down like sharp hypodermic needles. 

So off I go in full make-up/fa drag regalia driving 20-30mph cautiously thru the storm & wind. Took forever, but angels saved me a few time when I started to slide off the road, thank you God, Goddess, Universe.

Trudged thru the employee parking lot nasty snow slop to the stupid bus shelter, patiently waiting for the damn "A" bus. 

Got to the terminal finally, drug to operations to sign in... & what do ya think?  CANCELLED! 

My flight (hell every flight) was finally cancelled.  Of course I had to sit around a few hours before crew schedule finally released me.  dang. 

So off I went, schlepping my crap back to the bus & car, & slowly proceeded on my way thru the fucking winter wonderland that we call weather (DURING FUCKING RUSH HOUR!) home to my Poochie's arms. 

The good news, I have sat off now.  The bad news, I had to pick up another trip on sunday to make up the time.  Gotta stay grateful for a job.


sassyfemmect said...

Don't they have some kind of calling chain or anything to let you know yoru flight is cancelled?  Not even text messaging service?  That just sucks.  There's got to be some way for them to let you know so you're not risking life and limb to drive for nothing.

Hope you've enjoyed your day off today!

Hey, we REALLY need to try to meet for lunch some Saturday that you're not working.  We'd love to meet you guys!

val41221 said...

That totally stunk.  But you got another night with your honey, right? ;)

kmb524 said...

Val... Amen & ALLELUIA!!

Sassy-  That would be wonderful!!!  
I would love to dine with you & good ole EagleEye!!!
And heye, didn't y'all fab dyke bloggers meet in a bar/resturant in NYC last summer??
Is there going to be another meet when it warms up?

milindoe said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Sounds like you got the crap for a change.  Here in Western NY (near lake Ontario) we got a few inches of theh white stuff, but that's all.  Not enough to cancel the St. Patrick's Day parade, and GardenScape and the Home Show went on as planned, too.

Better you than us!

dghtronly said...

What a pain to have to schlep through all that just to find work today...back home with ya..after, of course we waste even more of your time and zap even more of your spirit. :(

On the plus had a lovely to welcome you back. :)


nfluxus said...

I so hate it when you're gone for a long time. I like seeing your comments on everyone's blogs. Hurry back!!!!!!!!!!!!