Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Still Chillin'

Still Chillin', made it thru Christmas with only the grandkids, none of the (adult) kids or the annoying sister showed up because of teeming rain & travel time. It was  wonderful with the good sister & her immediate family & grandkids!  No big drama or bullshit.  Cool.

Still, I got off my food plan & ate everything in sight, & I had NO control over eating desserts & went crazy with red velvet cake.  Geesh, pathetic.  Whatever.  Today I got up first thing & went to Curves, & plan to every day the rest of the week. 

Got a bit upset today when taking the grandkids home, the younger one wanted to stay & Doris thought it was so cute & did not say no.  I socked her in the arm (oh great, now I'm hitting her) & said WE WERE GOING TO THE MOVIES, WE DISCUSSED THIS...  She said I just want peace, I said NO you don't, we already talked about this, so if you dont want to go to Dream Girls, fine.  She did tell the Grandkid he had to go home with his brother (they are 14 & 18) & we DID go see Dream Girls.  Which was So FABULOUS, by the way!!!! 

Doris will pick up the kid tomorrow & bring him back over.  Aunt Kathy here wanted a damn break. 


dghtronly said...

Worked out. Great. My son tried to see The Good Shepherd yesterday, which was all sold out. He reports there were lines around corners for Dreamgirls..yesterday and today--he did get to see The Good Shepherd today..(he had to leave work early).

Glad your day (s) are chillin'

Stay cool.

bentfabric77 said...

Hey if you're gonna eat like crap it might as well be during the holidays. lol  That doesn't apply to me because I eat like crap everyday.