Friday, December 22, 2006


Okay.  Has anyone else had this problem??
All of a sudden I am NOT able to leave comments on SO MANY blogs now.  I mean like, WHAT THE HELL???  Does anyone know what to do, IS there anything to do?  I'm merrily going along, reading my favorite folks, then click to comments & then get thrown out.  Afterwhich I have to shut my computer down & turn it back on.  Now this is fucked up, not to mention stupid as shit.  Sassy or Elizabeth, any suggestions? 

And if anyone can get to Tropopause please tell her the window shades need to be opened for takeoff & landing so we can assess conditions outside (ie FIRE!) in case of emergency landings...  I wouldn't want to open a door to evacuate if there are flames out there!!  I've tried to answer that from weeks ago.  She doesn't even have her email addy on her blog, or I would have personally sent her the answer.

Then please tell Queen Maxine at So Many Other Dreams that many airports have taken seating OUT so that homeless people can not sit & sleep...(SO SAD, but true...)

And if you can inform Zoe at Gaymo that I would NOT like to find out if Doris was fucking around on me.  (She's taking a poll..)  My ego is SO fragile (oh yeah, such a dainty little flower am I) that I would kill them both & leave.  After 25yrs together, I would miss her so much, I doubt I could go on without her.  (wouldn't miss her family much, tho' HAHAHA!) (ooops!  SHUT UP, Kathy.)

Next, I wish I could tell Syd at Adrenalin's Shadow that it'd been great if someone had taught ME how to fight as a kid.  (Altho' I would have surely gotten into big trouble with my violent tendencies.) And Julie B did a GREAT meme at Lost Inside My Mind.  And I can no longer reply to Deborah at Middle Daughter EITHER...DAMN!!!!

It really pisses me off I can no longer communicate with these cool cyber friends. 
Fuck Shit Piss.  Dammittohell!  Somebody HELP me, Please.

3 days before Xmas, & I am still coasting.  Can't do much without money, so it really eliminates STRESS!  Hey this is great, who knew?  I'm usually in high insanity about now.  Instead, I am happy & joyful for what I DO have!

I Love you guys.


sassyfemmect said...

KMae, I don't know WTF is behind your not being able to comment.  I haven't had any problems, and I don't know anyone else that has.  But, you're also on AOL, and I don't know anyone else that is.  It's not a Mac thing because I can get to the blogs on my work Mac, and none of the blogs are platform specific. I know it'd be a pain in the ass to do, but it might be worth it, for a trial, to create a blogger account, and see if you can post when you're logged in under that account.

Oh, wait, thought...  Are you using AOL's browser or are you using Firefox (thinking you're still on your Mac)?  If you're not using Firefox go download it, and see if using that makes a difference.

kmb524 said...

Sassy, it is working so far!!!!!  Thank you SO much.  

dghtronly said...

I'm glad it's working. Welcome back to the comments boxes. Now go and spread your cheer to all those who have missed you :-)


bentfabric77 said...

I was gonna try and help but apparently the experts got here first. :)