Tuesday, June 14, 2005

On Turning 57..written 5/21/03 before last years bday

I just arrived home after a long difficult 3day trip. It is 0300a because we were delayed in lax. In the slight moonlight I could see that Doris tied up a bunch of balloons on a lawn chair for me & left pink roses on the patio table by the side door! It is my birthday weekend & Monday 5/24, I'll be 57! After 22 1/2 years she still knows how to thrill me! Balloons & Pink Roses will do it everytime. My God, I am so lucky to still be alive! Lucky to have my heart 'skip a beat' or two
in response to little tokens of loving and not angina or something!
heh heh.
Lucky to be down on the ground & no longer dealing with the young, self-important homelyass bitch in 28F anymore. Lucky to have FIVE days off in which to enjoy those who mean the most to me. Lucky to have a nice hard mattress for my aching back & pillows galore to prop up my hot, throbbing FEET. (ahem).
Although I dont hear as well as I use to, I loved listening to the 'oldie' station on the way home & so many memories that

would relate to the eras that wafted thru the tunes I had blaring would pop up in my jet-lagged consciousness! It never fails- the mental pictures pour forth listening to music of yesteryear & I sing every old word with instant recall. Baffling when just minutes ago I couldnt recall if 12B asked for pasta or beef, diet coke or water without ice.
How fast this life of mine is zooming by, just when Im thinking the stagnation of my ruts has brought me to another screeching halt. No, Im not bored or

Lazy, Im just RESTING.... More like somewhat powerless to move an inch, but I'll just take another nap & then maybe I can loose the inertia & somehow discover where I lost my energy. (Did I ever have exuberance or was it all an illusion?)
Well, sleep is generally a wondrous drug, a refreshing remedy in which a new day brings another opportunity, an inevitable possibility to at least enjoy being me or at most, get better at it. So off to dreamland I go, a mini-vacation from present reality.

. I have only 2 more days of being 56, let me focus on shaking off this neck crick & try to get around to the business of growing up.

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