Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I couldnt believe how queasy I felt, my heart just banging inside my chest as I watched the motorcade group get out & assemble towards the courtroom. I began crying & prayed for God to please help Michael, I really believed that opportunist mother would 'win' all his money because of all the others in the past. Who was I & why was I having this sudden reaction when I as a survivor should be on the side of the victims ?? My rage was at his father Joseph.. that mean, hateful , Evil man. And altho I felt sorry for his mother Katherine, let's face it - she let it all happen to her children - oh ignorance is such bliss.. please, just give me a break with all that crap.. MJ looking like 'dead zombie walking' scared shitless for his life, himself a victim who so long ago lost touch with reality, frozen in such an arrested state of development-not that's it's any excuse... I held my breath, gasping as it seemed so long to hear the verdicts....Yes I too was so relieved, it seemed a miracle esp since some jurors did later admit he could be guilty, just not with these charges. He was shamed in front of the whole nation & that was humiliation beyond compare. I hope he gets help & finds peace. I hope the same for us all .

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