Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Last day of April

It's (a bit) warmer,
grass is green,
flowers are poppin',
trees are getting their leaves.
Alleluia & thankya Jesus!!!

It is looking like spring,
' it still rains constantly
and gets cold enough for sweatshirts & jackets.

I really don't think there will BE
a spring this year,
one day we'll just wake up
& it will be blisteringly HOT.

This was the WORST winter ever.
It sucked.

God how I wish I lived in LA again.
But then, that was back in '68
when it was truly beautiful
& seemingly glamorous!

I was SO lucky to experience
a slice of life there then!
Still a virgin, tucked into a cocoon
of my parental family gorgeous home
up in the hills of Santa Ana/Tustin
in Orange County!

Beautiful eucalyptus & palm trees,
a small, graceful swimming pool in the back yard
& a fabulous view of El Toro AFB, with
trees & a distant lake
with sparkling lights
miles off the back yard's cliff's vista!
Ahhh those were the days,
if only I had know it.

Joni Mitchell was right,
"You just NEVER know what you got till it's gone."
No matter where I lived it's been like that,
and satisfaction eluded me...
all I ever wanted to do was
LEAVE & go to the next "mecca."

Except maybe for NYC!!!!
Turned native
the first minute
I stepped out on the streets
that was where I belonged!!
Yes, Bright Lights Big City,
being anonymous
in the thundering crowds,
Totally seductive!!!

GOD it was exciting,
a smorgasbord of thrills & experiences,
new friends,
new flying job,
new adult life,
sex drugs & discos!

And there I stayed for 27 years
where I fell in & out of love,
got my heart broken 4 or more times,
lost count...
became a pot & cocaine addict,
came out,
got sober &
grew up.

The energy there was ELECTRIC
& I LOVED it.

But when my tiny studio apt rent
went up to $1000/mo
I finally relented,
went house shopping with my dear Lover
& moved to NJ 17 years ago.

So here I sit,
now retired from a hard working job,
and joyful I'm still alive to tell the tale!

Life is really wonderful
so shouldn't I be satisfied
and just "bloom where I am planted?"

It's just those Damn WINTERS.
What can I tell ya?

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CJ said...

This was a great post and a very cool way to tell your story. Loved it.