Monday, April 18, 2011

I Am a Gut Butt

Worked out hard at the gym today.
Elliptical 30 min
Machines 20 min
100 sit ups
21 laps in the pool.

Damn all those pancakes I gobbled down for TWO effin' days.
I have gain 2 more lbs. So I gotta try to WORK it off before weigh-in @ ww on wed.
I love pancakes & maple syrup.
I am such a FUCKING food addict.

I gotta get recommitted & strict.
Damn Damn Damn.


the only daughter said...

That's so funny. I was craving pancakes all weekend. I didn't give in to the craving, but I also didn't do anything all that physical, except for my usual 2 mile round trip to and from the laundry-mat.

30? 20? 100? and 21? WOW!!

Maria said...

I am a pancake nut. Every Friday, we head to IHOP for our pancake fix.

How many points for pancakes with blueberry syrup?

KMae said...

Maria I haven't even looked it up.
I just don't want to know.
I gained 1.6 lbs at weigh in.