Saturday, April 09, 2011

I'm a FOOL for Retirement!!!

Apr 1st was my one year retirement anniversary!
April Fools day - I was a fool for not leaving @ 60
& trying to wait for social security @ 65
Hence having to basically "quit"
Because I had become injured,
Couldn't walk with heel spurs
& major hip pain.

Yep Yep got old before my time...
creak creak.

I was deliriously ecstatic last year
When MY time finally came

The madness


The insanely physical (over)work


Terrorism alerts

Cleaning vomit
& other bodily fluids

Defibulators & oxygen


The sleepless nights -
Worrying about next day sign-ins

Less pay for harder days

Divas & Dumbasses

Wake-up calls 3hrs earlier just to have
Time to load on the (kabuki)make-up & War paint
To try to hide
My Drooping

Charging 900 mph up & down the aisles
Day in & day out

Kissing Ass(es)

Pleasing Psgrs

And pilots

And other FA's

And working with other not as professional FA's
(ie lazy buttholes who didn't want to work)

Having to leave home

Missing Doris

and Most of all
Not being appreciated
While fearing getting fired.

42 years of all that-
Truly amazing.
No wonder I was such a bitch!

And now that I've chilled.......
Life is Sweet!
And so is SLEEP!!!

Peace be mine.

Thy name is delirium.
...So wonderful.
SO blessed.


poet said...

Happy 1st anniversary of retirement! you deserve it~~ Have a wonderful Sunday~

Maria said...

You know...this sounds morbid, but I would love to hear some of your cleaning up vomit, kissing ass flight attendant stories.

Just an idea for some good blog fodder...