Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Glasses!

New glasses.... whatever...
Always gotta get used to them.
Would never want to be 20 again...
But sure would like
To LOOK how I did then!

Would actually love to look 30 or 40, even!
The 50's and getting used to the 'PAUSE'
Totally took it out of me.

Now I have to try settling into the
More mature me in my 60's.
Love the 60's,
But looking like this ain't so easy
For one who used to always look fabulous...

I think it is harder on D
Since she has to actually see me everyday
As the mature version
Of the glamorous Babe
She fell in love with.
She is still keeping up her gorgeousness-
Makeup, divine clothes & shoes,
Still with the flare of a moviestar!

Since retiring I have let go -
No makeup,
Sweats & jeans,
Huge teeshirts &
Running shoes I SIT around in, haha.
To me it is True freedom!

But let's face it -
I look like shit.
Really OLD.
Older than I feel -
And I do feel old.
I've gotten frumpy.

Okay then SO...
I have rejoined Curves
So I shall start moving more -
Even if only for those 30 minutes a day.
I am amazed at
how much better I feel &
how much more stamina I have now!
Pretty exciting.
Even tho I HATE going.

Would rather just not move
Lay around
Watch TV
And sleep.
I AM still tired after all.

Well YOU try & fly overtime every month
For 42 fucking years
And just see if YOU
Don't have terminal jet lag.

I have only been able
To get myself to the gym
To work out once a week.
So adding Curves
Back to the equation seems
To be helping!

Hope to stop yoyo-ing
With my damn weight.
Need to loose 50 lbs &
Maybe my gross jowls will go down.

Aiming for dropping 15 lbs by summer.
At least I'm on a better path now.


poet said...

I like your new glasses. And I cannot imagine having terminal jet lag for 42 years, i'm still trying to get caught up from last week's stuff. have a restful sunday~

e said...

Working out is hard! But, every time I drag myself out to the gym, I come home feeling so much better. It's actually easier if you have someone to go with... then you don't want to let the other person down. At least, it's helping me get there regularly.

Your new glasses look very nice! And you have such a beautiful smile... focus on the positive!

KMae said...

Thanks Poet.

Thanks e.
I tried looking up your blog but couldn't find it!
Thanks for dropping by.