Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Damn, I'm 64!!!

May 24th is my favorite day!
Because we were adopted,
my Mother always made sure
that my brother's & MY birthday
was the most special day of the year!

Gotta give to to her,
she went all out each time,
& really made us happy on these days!

His is June 12th,
And we never fail to call each other
& reminisce on Mother's gigantic efforts -
while subconsciously
carrying on the tradition
of showing the other we choose us!

Tue May 24th I turned 64!

I felt excited & happy!
Not everybody GETS to be 64, you know?!

I didn't chide myself
for becoming old, fat & dumpy...

I can walk,
feed myself (uh- OBVIOUSLY,)
think in my right mind,

Heck - I am glorious!

Doris had a big butterfly balloon,
& 3 smaller balloons for me!
(love them!)
- 3 wonderful cards,
& beautiful flowers!
Went out for a quiet dinner
@ The Olive Garden,
then home
for the finale of Dancing With the Stars!

I felt HAPPY
& at peace all day.

What Me Worry?

Retirement makes us giddy
& birthdays are now
just another wonderful day
to remind us how lucky we are
to have our lives together!

Another time
I shall write about feeling disgruntled
about the bitch of aging (un)gracefully.
But mercifully not tonight!


the only daughter said...

Plenty of time to bitch a moan about the rigors of aging. Not on a glorious, helium filled birthday! Happy belated day and here's the to celebration continuing indefinitely. :-)

CJ said...

Happy belated birthday to you! It sounds like you had a wonderful day!

Maria said...

happy birthday to you and SO glad that you are dunking yourself in it instead of tiptoeing.

Val said...

Happy b'lated, Kathy! :)