Sunday, November 15, 2009


You know what? I'm pissed. (again.) I have this gay FA friend I love. He supposedly loves me too.

He posted a pic on fb of his left arm with his initials tatooed on his really big muscle. This is not a new tat. Everybody's seen it, it comes just below his tees & work shirt sleeves. So everyone's commenting on 'sexy' 'great guns' etc... I commented 'horney boy' because to my mind, why would he be posting this when we've seen it all over the neighborhood?

Well he gets totally offended. Sends me a cell text 'stop writing horney boy on my wall, I already deleted it once. It makes me look like a whore.'

OoooooKayyyy. Of all the crass shit I write & swear about on fb he gets ultra-sensitive about the word HORNEY??? Jesus Christ Almighty.
I text back 'okay, nobody thinks youre a whore, everybody loves you. So sorry.'

Then he puts a post up on fb how he's having a hard time as a buddist dealing with his non-buddist friends' inappropriate coments on his wall.

Huh??? We have all written so much worse on ea others walls. So everybody responded in with 'oh yeah', 'right on', 'you go boy' not even knowing what was said or by whom.

I texted back on my cell how 'sorry I am, I feel bad, it was not my intention to upset him so much, I love him & send him joy & peace.' He hasnt responded back. But it appears he has now erased/deleted that whole previously mentioned posting.

Shit almighty. fucking pissy faggot. He can just kiss my butt & suck my twat.

And a well... could it be he IS a fucking whore???

Who cares???


eb said...

LMFAO! Go Kmae!!!

Well, he obviously has a very long road ahead of him with the Buddhist thing. He would know to let all of that go. It is his ego that is hanging onto what other people say. If he is getting upset it's because he is allowing himself to get upset.

Perhaps he was a fucking whore and is ashamed of that part of this life if he has turned to Buddhism. Again, if that is the case, he should completely let it go.

Buddhism is like any religion. Just as it's hard for most 'Christians' to follow the teachings of Christ, so it is with following the teachings of the Buddha.

He could have certainly explained your offense in a completely different way. Hopefully he will learn that.

KMae said...

He has since appologized for being a drama queen.
He missed me posting crazy stuff on his wall & so did everybody else.

Thanks Elizabeth.

Maria said...

I am basically an idiot about facebook since I absolutely refuse to join. It sounds like you have sort of a message board on your site that others can write things on?

Seems to me that you just have to be a good sport about what people write and really.....that "I am trying to be a good buddhist and everyone is making it so hard" line is getting to be a tired old tale....:)