Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stick A Fork In Me, Looks Like I'm Done

Hola Y'all little Honeys !

Life is odd these days. Can't walk well, - left heel bone spur feels like teetering on glass shards with each step. The right heel bone spur isn't much better.
Wonder if it'll ever change.
Plantar fasciia seems to be better under each arch. BUT- the sharp burcitus ache in my right butt, down my right thigh is starting to throb again, guess I need another cortisone shot.

Therefore... I don't do much. Really can't.

I've become a blob. A BIG one. Over 200lbs. SHIT.
I need help. I hate the way I look now, BUT on the other hand...

I'm just SO happy to not have to be flying. I do miss the crazy nutcases I work with, the fun we have 35,000 ft up getting thru the days & nights, the good psgrs, & hob-nobing with the moviestars & other famous glitterati!

Truth be told, I'm in no shape to do all that work anymore. Hell I can barely get the fuck out of bed... in the afternoon... (big chortle!)

How the hell am I going to evacuate a plane hobbeling thru a fuselodge trying to push paniced psgrs out of the way to throw open an emergency exit ?

Not to mention - I always would work so hard & run drinks/dinner so fast, zooming around back & forth like a batt outa hell! And I mean speed-demon FAST!

Do you know how long it takes me to limp & inch along just to get to the next room,
or the JOHN?? seriously.


Doris was freaked in the beginning & thinking of trading me in on a new model. But now she sees it's not all in my mind so maybe she'll try to hang in there a while longer. (If she want's to keep breathing, HA!)

I never thought my body would rebel like this, I should have been more careful...
I shouldn't have pushed myself to be such a high-time flyer at this age,
pushing for that almighty over-time just to try and make the same paycheck that management took away from us after 9/11 in order to "avoid bankruptcy." Mother Fuckers.

So it would appear that the writing's on the wall girls & boys... Not sure how long or how soon. I love my Flight Attendants, we are truly a bazaar & crazy lot. So much FUN & laughter.

Those of you on FB have kept me in the loop the past 6 months & given me the Big Laughs & Love. So I am sending this to you 1st, you can start, I mean continue spreading the rumours to the rest of Club EWR...

And I'll let you guys be the 1st to know whether I can last 6 more months or only 2 or 3. or maybe 4.. I want to heal & get better. But I seriously doubt I'll be well enough to come back... Okay don't everybody start jumping up & down screaming immediately!!!

love youse. xxoo

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the only daughter said...

K, I'm sorry you have been enduring so much pain. Heres to a return to pain free leisure time.