Sunday, June 07, 2009

Party Time

We went to a grand LESBIAN! birthday party last night. One of my Flight Attendant friends turned 50yrs & had a huge blow out. The invitations said "elegant white" so everyone dressed in white. (I hate wearing white- I'm so pale & end up looking like a big adhesive bandage..) But everyone else looked fab & it was lots of fun.

It was a catered affair in their back yard with 6 big round tables under a huge yellow stripe canopy. There was a long buffet along side the beautiful swimming pool, a DJ playing jazz while we chowed down, then disco tunes when everyone hit the dance floor!

I didn't dance. I really wanted to, the music was so good & Doris was egging me on. But there were camera shots, video cameras, & other Flight Attendants there, plus I didn't need to chance making the pain in my hip worse. So I sat & ate birthday cake (3 pieces-ha!) while everyone partied thru the night.

Seeing that we live down the street from this soiree, all we needed to do was walk home! Love that. We left around 1100p (geesh, we are old - the craziness was still ensuing with all the other Younger (drunk-ha!) dykes. Actually there were old inebriated lesbians too. Sometimes it's kinda hard to hang around folks who have been drinking all night when I've been clean & sober for so many decades.

It was wonderful to spend time with so many lovely lesbians WITHOUT children running around. (Okay one did bring her beautiful new baby from across the street to show us all, but took it back to her mother after 20 minutes. perfect!)

Everyone had a great time, esp Doris & me! I have to admit though, it was wonderful to get home. There's just no place like BED alone with Doris!

Good GOD, am I a truly sorry boring dud or what? I just re-read this entry & am amazed at how droll I sound. Strange, I don't FEEL like such a giant yutz. Hmmm. Maybe it would have come off different had I been able to dance!

Or not.

Guess I'm just tired from all this sitting around.


Theresa said...

I am delurking to show some love lol...I have been reading you for a while, seriously not sure how long, found you on gaymo I believe. Anyway, I think you are hilarious. I love reading about your life. I don't think you sound boring at all...I think you have had and are still having a very interesting life. Theresa

KMae said...

Hey, thanks Theresa & welcome!
Gaymo is great & I'm excited to go check out your blog!

Anonymous said...

I am not a lesbian(as you know) but I fully share your sensibilities about the 20 minutes being enough for the baby. If I wanted a baby, I would have had one(NO).
So I sat & ate birthday cake(3 pieces-ha!) HAHAHHAHA
Weird that I thought about not having read you in a while. I thought about it last night when I was arguing with a bunch of guys about Billie Jean King & her Title IX stance. Life is always interesting. Glad you had a good time. ~Mary

KMae said...

Hi Mary!
Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, the kid thing. So many of my lesbian friends have children, so they don't really understand. Clearly if I'd wanted to have little people running around I would have had my own as well.

Anonymous said...

You're not droll, you're just happily settled. Then again, so am I. :)

KMae said...

So true, Pixie.
So true.
It IS really peaceful.

Maria said...

I find parties tiresome. There. I just admitted it. I tend to look around at all those sweet young thangs and get all melancholy knowing that I am the matron in the comfortable shoes instead of the girl in high heels dancing.

Sour grapes. That is ALL it is.

KMae said...

Ain't that the truth, Maria!

the only daughter said...

Gosh, I haven't been to a full-on party is ages. I don't know what I'd make of such at thing.

It's lovely to be in the company of folks you enjoy.

Yoo Hoo!

KMae said...

It is just SO great to be around Lesbians & a few gays who are fun, pretty (did I mention everyone was gorgeous?) professionals, & easy to laugh with! (that leave their dang kids at home!!!)

Val said...

sounds fun and as long as you had a good time, that's all that matters. And it's your blog and don't worry - no matter how you write it, we read it as interesting... and even if we don't see it as interesting every time, we'll be on our way, but.... we'll be back! :)