Friday, June 05, 2009

A True Pain In the Ass

The MRI showed fluid in or on my hip, the doc called it effusion... whatever the hell that is. Plus I have sciatica. Okay, figured that much. Now I have to go for a bone scan to make sure there's no fracture before I start physical therapy. I'll be off of flying the rest of the month! Can't argue with that! Yea.

Did I mention my knee?
And the bottom of my feet hurt ALOT?
Guess I'll go to the foot Dr too.
Might as well make the rounds since I have time now.
Good thing I have 700 hrs of sick time available.
I've been feeling fucking polio stricken
for months now.
Waa waa waa. Okay, I'll shut up.

I'm really not complaining, I feel very blessed it's not worse.
And I'll be patiently biding my time while I heal.



the only daughter said...

Oh the stories I could tell...but, I won't. ;-)

Keeping a good thought that your medical issues have resolutions sooner rather than later.

eb said...

day-um...take care chica! Even though it's a paing in the ass...enjoy not having to work.

eb said...

ok.. paiN not paing. I don't know what paing is. A paing in the ass.

otter said...

sorry to hear about the hip issues, I hope the resolve faster than mine have. I hope your physical therapy place has the nifty cold machine for the hip that mine did. Damn I loved that thing (although it made me have to pee all the time).