Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Freakin' Mammograms

Went for a mammo today.
My GOD is there any more a barbaric thing than having your breasts smashed between 2 freezing shelves while you hold your breath & they count & take the xrays? At least this technician was nicer than the last 'nurse Rachett' I had do this 6 years ago. It is so painful.

I expect to be called back for more xrays & the sonograms because I am very cystic, it happens ea time. What a drag. An angel on my shoulder told me I am fine & not to worry.

Hope it's not just denial.


Anonymous said...

One of these days I need to go get that done, and I need to remind Fran to get hers done, she HATES going for them.

Zoe said...

I had a diagnostic mammogram when I 35, just to be sure that fibrocysts were just that. Thank god my doctor ordered it as a diagnostic and they read it right then and there. The waiting would have been unbearable. I don't I have to go back for two more years now, thank god. That is not a pleasant procedure.

I'm sure all will be well for you, but I'll send good thoughts your way.