Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dyke Parade Today (Saturday)

17th Annual NYC Dyke March
Saturday June 27, 2009 at 5:00pm
Bryant Park
40th St. & 6th Ave.
New York City, New York Get Directions
The 17th Annual NYC Dyke March steps off at 5 pm sharp on the evening of Saturday June 27th 2009. Everyone should assemble at Bryant Park, located at 42nd Street and 6th Avenue. The march goes down 5th Avenue to Washington Square Park.

It's time to hit the streets! Make some noise. Be visible. Be heard. Demonstrate, agitate, liberate at the New York City Dyke March. Bring signs, banners, drums, giant puppets, flags, hula hoops or just be there!

The New York City Dyke March is a protest march, not a parade -- we don't ask for a permit, because we have the right to protest. As queer women, we recognize that we must organize amongst ourselves to fight for our rights, our safety, and for visibility. Thousands of dykes take over the streets every year in celebration of queer women everywhere and to protest against ongoing , harassment and anti-women violence in schools, on the job, in our families and on the streets.

As always, the Dyke March is open to all women, biological or otherwise - no sign-up or registration required. Just come out with your banners, signs, noisemakers, and beautiful dyke selves, and join in the march!

There is also a Lesbian Dance on Pier 54 afterward!

We went into The City, watched many people in the comfort of our little RV while chowing down on Papaya's Hot dogs. We drove around different favorite areas & parked for a time. Then we parked right on 8th St & 5th Ave & waited for the parade to pass. Finally they came..hundreds of Lesbians & friends, some were topless & they were all singing When the Saints Come Marching In. But they passed by SO fast. SEVEN MINUTES, I kid you not.

While we had been waiting, the sky had opened & rain started pouring. Everyone got dowsed, (except for us!) Afterwards we drove down the West Side Highway to check out Pier 54... And Low & Behold - There they all were!!! The rest of the parade! A gillion hot. sweatty dykes, jumping around to the DJ's tunes at the big Dance. It was $25 a person to get in, but Doris & I kept on driving... We had to go line up for the Holland Tunnel to get back to Jersey.

Ahhhh. Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.



Anonymous said...

Enjoy if you're there! Some year I'd like to see Pride in NYC, it's got to be a world of difference from Hartford's!

KMae said...

pixie- as you can see by what I added, we did go, (it was the 1st time for THAT parade!) We have gone to many of the big major ones on sundays, but beware in NYC they are LONG... Hours & hours (5 -6 hrs) long. I'm kinda like over them since I lived on christopher st so long, but unfortunately Doris still likes to go. There's just too many people & now they are really YOUNG! (And adorable.)

JulieB said...

wow K...
Living here in the midwest, I've never seen such a thing. Of course, i've never been to NYC ever, so that in itself would be an experience. I would have wanted to see it from an RV too!!!!!
It sounds like a great day! Hot dogs, your girl and an RV...!