Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Still Feel Blaa

Going back to work today, altho I'm not 100%.  If we are on the sick list longer than 6 days, then it counts for 2 instances..  which is so stupid & even dumber to try to explain to lay folks who dont fly. 

If you get 3 instances in 1 year you are put on notice & have to go into LGA to talk to your supervisor & if you call in sick again you are fired.  So I am not that well - I am exhausted, but I have to go back because I am better than I was. 

I was just trying to take care of myself with that chronic cough but I shall never again walk into a damn care center to get meds so I can take my trip out the next day because I wont have a Dr to depend on that understands a flight attendants plight.

When I went to my own Dr. for a follow up, she really couldnt put me on a "family leave" (something we can do if we are really ill for a while that doesnt count because the dr is standing behind your sickness & it will be forgiven..)  By the time I got to my own Dr I only had post nasal drip, a regular cough & ringing ears.  Still not good, but she couldnt put me on a family leave because I wasnt bad enough, at least according to her. 

I am pissed because I still feel like shit, never-the-less I gotta go back to the job.  And it really is impossible to understand for you all, so I apologize for this boring entry.  snore. 

I shall be flying 4 days in a row, have one day off, fly 2 days have one day off, fly 2 days have 2 days off.  Then I'll fly 2 more days afterwhich I'll be on vacation for 2 weeks the end of Apr. 

I just gotta get thru flying 10 days in the next 2 weeks. Going into the Robot Zombie Mode in a few hours.  Once I get to the hotel I can decompress & should be back to "normal"...  which is so jet lagged you really don't know the difference! 

Prepare to enter the Z O N E....  Speak at ya later.

This is such an odd job, no?


val41221 said...

That so sucks... hope you feel better!  ANd to think you're passing all those germs onto paying customers!! Nice.
Safe flying.

sassyfemmect said...

I hate going to work sick, I can't imagine what it's like having to fly that much sick.  Hope you're feeling better soon.

dghtronly said...

I've heard some asinine policies that sick policy sure ranks up there as one of the most..

Hope you are feeling MUCH better.  

Here's to up-coming vacation time.