Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fat & (un?)Happy

I'm still struggling with my weight which is up again to 175.  I really dont want to deprive myself of all the delecious SHIT I got back in the habit of eating since I dropped that 50lbs a year 1/2 ago.  I still go to WW, even tho' I keep eating crap & keep gaining.  BUT---
I started this great website for those of us in that wed's 530p WW group to write our thoughts & feelings on.  It's a yahoogroup so it's free, & it's really COOL. 

Unfortunately only 2 other women have joined it, so there are 3 of us chatting back & forth.  But it's the first week, so I'll see next wed why no one else has responded.  Maybe they're just having a hard time signing up for it.  (Or maybe they're a bunch of big dumbasses not realizing what a great opportunity to help ea other this would be! ha!)  OR maybe a computer geek MIGHT hav started a better site for us, which would be fine cause I really dont know what I'm doing.  I'm just kinda proud of myself that I actually figured out how to do this, & quite frankly that it has turned out so COOL (imo!)

But the thing is that this is all so frivilous compared to some friend's plight in life at the moment. 

One old friend is loosing his huge, gorgeous home in Connecticut & having to move into a small puny rental.  He had to sell all his antiques, which were fabulous at an auction & got shafted there, not even making half of what he expected.  His lover has turned into a real bitch behind it all (they've been together for 3 decades) & it's miserable for them both. (gay men.)

Then I just found out another male friend whom I love & work with at times has just been told he has HIV.  The lover he got it from KNEW that he had it & never told him.  Such a crime.  I am SO sad for him even tho' there are many drugs now & much hope for long lives for PWA now.

I should not complain.  Life is fine for me.


onetoughcookie43 said...

Wow, so sad to hear about your two friends. It has to be very difficult for them both. I hope that they both will find the way to at least cope with what they are facing. How hard it must be to spend 30 years with someone only to have them suddenly change, and for someone to say they love you, yet infect your body with a killer. Heartbreaking. Sorry to hear that you are struggling with your weight, but don't beat yourself up about it. Food is delicious and it is hard as hell to just say NO!! Hang in there!!

sassyfemmect said...

I'm sorry about your friends, KMae, that just sucks all around.

Good for you for starting the site.  If it helps even just the three of you, go for it!