Thursday, April 19, 2007

Feeling Fat Again

Just had 2 days off.  It goes by so fast.  On the last flight I popped the front button off my uniform pants.  Luckily it didn't put out anyone's eye.  Too much laying around for 3 weeks flipping channels, sleeping & no exercise.  Damn.  I HATE EXERCISE,  but I've gained some weight back.  So I got my sluggish butt back to Curves yesterday & today.  And I am starting to track the food I'm eating again.  Summer's almost here.  Gotta get a grip.

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dghtronly said...

I've had similiar back sliding and I haven't been home (ill), lying around. But...finally it feels like the weather is taking a turn for the BICYCLE I Come!  

You'll be ok! :)