Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Day To Dream

Oh what a Beautiful Sunday!
Sunshine & a warm breeze!
First, Doris went on a bus ride to Pa with the choir & wont be back till 10pm.  I didn't have to go because I am too tired getting in so late last night.  Well, I cOULD have gone, but I don't like the damn bus trips to sing at another church in another state.  It takes the whole damn day.  Thank God D didn't make me feel guilty.  So I stayed in bed, read the Sunday papers & then went to this big victorian house for sale around the corner & just stayed there for 2 hrs checking it out & trying to figure out a way to get it.  There's a lot there that would be great for Doris & I...  but it's raggedy & broken down ,, so it's a big money pit.  sigh.  Plus we're broke.  It's just so pretty on the outside.  But the inside is shot.  I think the lesson to learn here is to be grateful & happy with what you already have!

Now it's almost time for Desperate Housewives & The Sopranos!!!  I LOVE TV!

BTW, I am no longer able to leave comments on blogger.  I don't know why.  It keeps telling me I put in the wrong password, but I don't.  WTF??  I am reading all your blogs, but can no longer comment.  Baffling.  I don't get it.

Oh yeah, had Harry Hamlin on my flight the other night.  My God, he is fucking handsome!  And VERY polite. A nice man.


dghtronly said...

My weather was gorgeous too..used the opportunity to rip off all the winterizing, throw open the windows and let the winds blow through. Wonderful, wonderful feeling.

Someone told me recently of their thoughts on how (we) might decorate (our) house.  Dreaming can be fun!

Blogger can still be a bugger sometimes. boo.


sassyfemmect said...

If you can't comment on our blogs, just make a new acct. on blogger so you can comment again!  :)

Does Doris' choir ever sing in CT?