Saturday, March 03, 2012


Geese no blogging since Jan.
Crikey! Whatever.
I tell ya, I am much better at FB.
Blogging seems so yesteryear now.

So much has happened.

Doris was in the hospital for 5 days,
really sick with a bladder infection
that went into sepsis & ecoli.
It was bad.
Grateful she got well.
I got sick afterward,
just from the exhaustion.

I got a new iPhone!
It is the NEATEST thing ever!
Still don't know how to operate it totally,
probably never will.
But it is COOL.
I have to use a stylus
because of my damn nails.
It is just fine, tho'
I am good at it!
If you wanna text me,
I still have my old cell number.
It goes off with huge tower bells
Clanging & Clanging!
Cracks me up every time.

Got new glasses again.
At least, cheaper than the last pair.
Developing cataracts,
matter of time.
When the eye Dr. told me.
Am I REALLY that old?

Got 2 new tires for my PT Cruiser.
$300 fucking dollars.
Now the cost of gas.
Life is expensive.

D gave me
a pretty gold bangle bracelet
for Valentines Day!
I gave her a gold heart bracelet.
Guess we appreciate
that she didn't stroke out
Or keel over & drop dead
when she was so ill.

I still want some cats or a dog, tho.
Just not happening.
I keep trying to be patient
& wait for the right fur baby
to come into my life.

I still love going to the movies
every friday
when the new ones come out.
I just get SO excited
Like a little kid!
My one day for Diet Coke!
And half of a small butter popcorn!
All alone in the dark
With my Babe, xxx!
Just got home from 2 good ones, in fact...
Wonderlust & Act Of Valor.
Then dinner at The Olive Garden!
Now I can hardly WAIT!
For next fri to come again!

I gotta clean up
my messes around this house.
It is such a old, rickety little house.
But I love it
And love living here with Doris.
I think we've had it for about 18 years now.
I am grateful.
But I am a damn slob.
And lazy.
A damn lazy slothful slob.

Well -
No one is perfect.


e said...

"A damn lazy slothful slob"

Just one of the things we love about you!


KMae said...

HAHAHA, yeah, thanks Plu!