Sunday, January 08, 2012

No New Years Resolutions

I ain't makin'
No damn New Years resolutions
For once.
To hell with it.
They're all the same each year , anyway.

I just don't give a shitsky -
I'm still fat &
My closet room is still a huge mess.

I'm tired of trying to stay positive
Every fucking day of my life.

Even tho' I do KNOW
I am one blessed woman.
I appreciate it,
but really -

I'm basically a nice person.
So why shouldn't
God Goddess Universe
give ME favor!?

I am tired.
I have bronchitus
And I think I am getting better.
Went to the walk-in & got med scripts.
Hope the insurance pays.

Doris has been very nice
& says she doesn't know
what she would have done
without me.

It feels good,
hearing her appreciation of me...
something kinda rare
since I don't do shit
around here.
Not really.

I am retired -
doesn't everybody know by now?
I ain't doing nothin'
If I don't feel like it.

I'll be glad
when summer comes back around-
These short, dark days
make me

1 comment:

e said...

You are basically a nice person, you know you are blessed, and winter is depressing. There you go!

Bring on the sunshine!!!

ps: hope you feel better soonest.