Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Well it's only been 7 months.  Life has been Great, there is nothing better than retirement for sure!  But I do spend all my computer time on fb & I am grateful for those of you who are also on fb so I can still see you & get to know you even more!  

Summer was a bit of a bummer because we crashed the RV & so we didn't have one for the whole time.  I was SO happy to not be killed that I started going back to church again, heh heh!  Not EVERY Sunday mind you, but every other...  Doris was happy about that.  It wasn't terrible to be back.  I had enjoyed the day to myself for quite some time, tho'.  

To go to the shore, or the City or the flee market without a RV was so suckey.  I had gotten spoiled to have a bathroom everywhere.  Just wasn't the same without...
I spent the summer sleeping alot, trying to hide from people because I'm fat & there were a lot of rainey weekends.

And THEN I finally was able to get the new RV I wanted in Sept!!!!!  I have never been so estatic since the day I retired!!!!!  I AM THRILLED!!!  (Well winnning the Miss Richardson Pageant in 1965 was pretty damn thrilling, too.  But I digress.....)

Still going to all the movies on Fridays!  So fun.  

But driving in the new RV, (her name is Prisilla, she is pretty & prissy) brings the biggest smile to both of our faces!  It is such a beautiful van.  Every trip, even if it's just to drive around anywhere & nowhere is a great adventure now.  And how FABULOUS it is to have a bathroom on wheels again?!!!!


the only daughter said...

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that having a bathroom on wheels is pretty darned Fabulous!!

BTW it is October. So, WTH???!!!! x4. :-)

KMae said...

I know Deborah! Just lost my blogging mojo since fb is such immediate gratification... as you well know.

the only daughter said...

Indeed FB is kinda neat in that way. But, I'm missing blogging and bloggers. I'm going to resume--try to get more consistent and get back to my original goal...to improve my writing (and focus re: writing, crafting).