Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

We are still somewhat in 'Holiday Mode' over here, taking it slow & easy one day at a time. The best Xmas present was having Doris home from the hospital where she had been for 5 days with another bladder infection that had given her 106 fever, chills & rendered her impossible to move down the stairs to the bathroom.

I thought she was having a stroke the 1st night as she just didn't seem to understand what I was saying to her when trying to get her down the stairs - it took me 2 hrs, & she had the runs & throw-ups. She couldn't even hold her own barf bag & refused to go to the emergency room that night, she was just belligerent & wanted to stay home.

The next day she wasn't any better & agreed to go to the walk-in clinic, where they immediately put her in an ambulance & took her to the hospital. Her uti had gone into ECOLI & poisoned her entire blood stream, she was in SEPSIS. It was scary.

I also got sick about the 4th day - from exhaustion trying to take care of her...& went home early with throwing up & the runs, myself. Luckily that just turned out to be a 24hr virus, probably also from hospital cooties.

Then suddenly she was released! Then we were both home weak & trying to recuperate... however poor DORIS really had gone thru hell so I felt lame even complaining about feeling like shit.

Once home, neither one of us had the energy to clean the house for Christmas holiday guests, ie her kids & grandkids. I did rally enough to put up a beautiful tree for her & may I say that takes a ton of energy.

And one more thing... I was pissed as hell at her youngest lame-ass lazy son because he had stayed at her sister Barbara's apt after last xmas, for maybe 4 or 5 months, which was SO kind of her sister to get him out of our house. Well, he took (stole) some of her jewelry from a drawer & PAWNED it for money. Then finally left town to go back to Detroit, telling his mother (my Doris) that Barbara wanted him out of the apt because he had brought a girl there & she didn't like it. He is just SO FULL OF SHIT. I am sick of him.

It upset Doris SO much once she found out & thus her resistance was totally lowered from the stress of it all. And that is one big reason she got so sick & her body rebelled on her... She was REALLY furious & hurt & said she was going to give Herman a piece of her mind... BUT SHE NEVER DID. In fact, she never has thru these past 30 years I've known her. He's her baby & the beloved brother of Sharon & Derrick (her other two children - all around 50 yrs old.) She just accepts him (& them) with unconditional love, life goes on, & he keeps fucking up.

Well I had felt pushed to the max trying to take care of Doris & worrying about whether she was going to die from the sepsis. So when Herman called I just started yelling at him about pawning off Barbara's jewelry when she had done so much to help him, & how it affected his mother & made her sick... He got defensive, said he didn't make her sick & started talking about how he did it because he was hungry & needed money for food, (BULLSHIT) & he had meant to get the jewelry back, but he'd left too soon, & that Derrick shouldn't have told anybody about it, because it was nobody's business... Sickening.

I said "Listen, Number One: NEVER ask your mother for money EVER again." He said I don't need her money, I have my own. I said "GREAT then you can send her the $100 you borrowed last year & Never paid back as you promised, she can use it. And number two: Your mother will really be happy to see you again, & I shall be happy to see you again, BUT YOU ARE NOT INVITED TO STAY HERE THIS YEAR."

A silent pause ensued... & he started hitting all the phone keys saying he had to get off the phone (he always borrows his friends phones to call...) I gave the phone to Doris so she could say hi to him & he got off right away afterward.

After 30 years I finally told the little stankass,fuckoff lier OFF, I had overstepped my bounds - but if Doris had ever stood up to his lame behavior I would have never felt the need to.

Well, Doris was SO upset & said I should have never done that. Sharon the sister didn't even bother to call on Xmas day - doing her brother solidarity thing I guess... but it was weird because she had called D everyday in the hospital, cried please don't die on me, sent beautiful flowers, & also wired her $100 to help her pay for meds. She had been wonderful. Then didn't call her mom on xmas. Guess she was mad we didn't have Xmas here at home like we did last year, not to mention her younger brother wasn't invited to stay here if we had.

Instead, we all had been invited to go to Cousin Etta's for Christmas (her husband of 60yrs had died & she was lonely.) This was great for Doris & I since we had no energy to clean the damn house. And also Etta was looking fwd to seeing Sharon, but Sharon never called to say she wasn't coming.

I'm SO glad I never had children. I swear, I would have beat the little bastards if they had acted like imbeciles. I have been grinning & bearing so much insanity from D's children for decades now. They never liked me anyway, so now they are going to understand & see just how much I will not be putting up with anymore.

Anyway, MY Christmas was wonderful! I had Doris home, we went to Etta's & had delicious food, I didn't have to deal with that fucker Herman, & we had our whole house to ourselves once we got home.

Cousin Etta was happy too.
All the rest of them were depressed.
Oh, well.


JulieB said...

TWINNIE! Love this post! I really relate to this so much! I think you did the right thing by finally telling him off because you were looking out for Doris. Cindy has done this a couple times to Brittany and Cindy is not normally outspoken, so it takes ALOT of bullshit to make her do it. Brittany said she wished I was dead a couple times and Cindy went off on her. It made me cry really to know she stood up for me like that and Doris should feel proud, though I think she is at best unrealistic about her son. Just because they are your kids don't mean they are angels. And he is an adult and they need to be responsible and called to the friggin carpet when they aren't!
LOVED your comment about not having kids as Cindy has said the same thing! I usually read your posts to her so I will and she will crack up and virtual high five ya!

LOVE YOU TWINNIE! Hope you and Doris have an awesome year!!!

e said...

I'll bet it felt really good to unload on that damned adult kid! Doris should be proud of you for sticking up for the two of you and protecting her.

It sounds like your Christmas turned out better because of you outspoken attitude. Good for you!!!

And a happy damned new year!