Sunday, December 05, 2010

Miracles Before Xmas!!

Miracles are happening around here in abundance!
I must say, God has amazed me.
No lie.

With all the virulent hate & lust for vengeance I displayed 2 entries ago...
then the plea & desire to change & let go of those issues in my last entry...

It's been like magic. And I have truly beheld miracles this past week.

The #2 son is STILL here. That in itself is just wierd... usually he's gone in 1 day, maybe 2. And normally I would have jumped out the window by now. But we are getting along fine...
or so it seems to me.

He has reconnected with the mother of his children at our Thanksgiving dinner... The woman he'd dumped when the boys were so little, moved to Dtw & married another woman. Then never paid any child support thru the years, totally abandoning them all, neglecting his own beautiful kids for 2 decades.

Well they have decided to move into an apt & get back together! Now never in a million years would I have thought this would happen. God works in mysterious ways. I am in shock.

Also our sewer backed up... shit & piss floating in the basement sinks... It was lovely. The miracle was the plummer I called (the man who did our bathroom/kitchen renovations) came right away & fixed it. Paid $145. It was worth it.


the only daughter said...

Keep that guy's number! Glad your plumbing issues got resolved and equally glad the family issues are less stressful.

CJ said...

Yeah! It's so wonderful to hear about something positive! I mean the toilet back up wasn't great I'm sure, but it got resolved quickly and that is a very good thing!

Maria said...

God....hold on to that plumber with BOTH hands.