Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The End of Summer

Been spending weekends at the shore, so loving it! This summer has zoomed by & this is the last day of August 2010.
No No NO!
I don't want summer to end...! I Love it so much I could cry.
All this Halloween & Thanksgiving crap in the stores already. Blaa.

Sleeping in the RV is not easy - that is one small bed.
Girlfriend can easily sack out anywhere, but not me.
I had a 3 inch piece of hard foam made to go down the center of the RV & that was very comfy. Until I woke up freezing my ass off & jumped right back into the bed, scooching up to Sleeping Beauty. Very cozy.

I was hoping to go back this coming Labor Day Weekend, but a damn hurricane is coming, & the weather may be bad. So I scheduled a big tree to be cut down in the front yard that could fall on the neighbor's or my house. I love trees but squirrels & God knows what are able to jump onto the roof from this tree. We have already replaced one roof.

I love summer, dammit.
Really hate to see leaves starting to fall.
I really should live in LA or Fla.

1 comment:

the only daughter said...

I love summer (generally speaking) too. But, not necessarily sad to see this one go...though, it isn't like I have any control over that.

Be happy about the fun times you have had--with your sweety, in the summer, summer time.