Friday, August 13, 2010


Well I think he threw quite the hissy! Aside from that, I totally understand. We have all wanted to do something outrageous many times before & it is supposed to be up to us to stuff it & carry on professionally. However SOME ...motherfuckers can really push you to the edge! And believe me once you loose it, you really loose it!!! I am SO grateful I never did that.

I have however cussed many passengers OUT!! And that my dear is about the only thing great about becoming OLD... They stop in their tracks & shut the fuck up!!! (They think OMG she's Old & Pissed let me not push her further...)

I suppose the fame he IS drowning in will get old fast; books, commercials, a movie I am sure of it! But believe me MOST FA's are behind him 100%. It's just too bad there wasn't this much noteriety for all the wonderful, excellent, professional FA's that have never lost it or made a "scene."

Well that's about it.
See ya SLATER! aaaahahahahaahaha!!


Maria said...

I think we all have days when we just cannot stand one more of our buttons being pushed. But, just have to toe the line. I can't tell you how many idiotic parents I see on a daily basis. If I spoke my mind ("You are a rotten mother. A cat could do a better job than you do..."), I would be out of a job. Just have to bite the words back and do our best.

KMae said...

Yes Maria, so true so true!