Thursday, August 05, 2010

August Already?????

I just can not believe it's August already, let alone Aug 5th. Dang.
Life is just flying by! This always happens faster in the summertime anyway, but I so don't want it to end...

This has been the best summer ever since becoming an adult, becoming a stewardess (it was '68, okay?) & moving to Manhattan NYC for 27yrs, then moving to NJ till now (16yrs)!

Life goes SO fast... although when trudging thru the muck of past boyfriends, then past girlfriends & the basic MIRE of old LOVEs & broken hearts - it had felt at times like wallowing in quick sand & sinking straight into the hell of pain, suffering & depression!

In times of insanity life only seems to screech to a never-ending creep. Throw in working to exhaustion, no matter how much you learn to enjoy your job & love your co-workers, I often felt stuck in cement & tumbling down some fuck-tard rabbit hole where it was hard to ever see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Well Alleluia & thankya Jeeeesus I seem to have made it thru to the other side of craziness - to peace & happiness that lasts longer than time off from trips or from grumbling about my Beloved letting me down by treating me like an adopted step-child when around her immediate family!

Now that I have retired & life is fabulously sweet & slow - it is now just ZOOMing by! Finally there is time to "smell the roses," listen to the birds chirp & fly free, & watch the butterflies float thru summer & actually feel the sun on my skin & the breeze thru the trees! God I'm happy!

And grateful. To have made it this far & want it to go on & on!!!
I wasted a lot of time in my day being a pissy bitch & complaining about everybody else's bullshit. (Yeah they were all dumb, jack-ass idiots, lol!)

Well I learned so what, who cares.
I am taking each day as it comes & basking in delight!


eb said...

Omg... you two are so fucking beautiful. Amazing. I didn't even read the post. Sorry. You had me at the picture. Gorgeous.

the only daughter said...

And it seems to me, that is what surviving the dreck is all about . . . coming out on the other side with the wisdom to know, really know, what is important. Here's to smelling the roses (and other flowers) and enjoying the sun and breezes.

Cheeers and Peace!

the only daughter said...

And yeah, good golly y'all are some good lookin' gurls. :)

KMae said...

Awwww thanks Elizabeth & Deborah!!!
Not too bad for 63 (me)
AND 74!!!! (Doris!!!) huh?
I have to say she is still so damn fine, and lovely to wake up next to!!

JulieB said...

how gorgeous are you!! Love that picture! who knew all that wisdom would be inside that beautiful head! Oh yah, ME :-) It's a really good feeling to know where you've been and satisfied where you are.
Love you!!