Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Anniversary Week

Lordie, it's hard to find time to write. Too busy doing nothing!

My beautiful Love & I celebrated our 29th anniversary on 7/17!
It's a miracle we've come this far!
Hell it's amazing we made it thru that day.

After a wonderful morning of flowers, balloons, cards & breakfast out, then floating around in our cool pool in the sweltering heat, D's sister called & said her son was having a bbq party & asked us to come. So D's nephew was throwing a neighborhood/high school reunion party & we went around the corner! It was great with tons of food, & many folks showed up.

We were there about 2 hours when I asked D to leave. She gave me the keys to the car & told me to go if I wanted. I said it's our anniversary we're supposed to be together. She said why would she want to go home to our hot house (the air conditioner broke down) with nothing to do when I could be there in the shade with her sister, nephew & niece? I said but you're supposed to want to be with me.
"I was with you all morning, You can leave if you want."

I was so hurt & also embarrased since everyone heard me ask to leave. I sat there for another 45 min then finally walked up to her & her sister & said I'm going now, I have to pee. So we left. I was so pissed. I walked out to the pool & swam & floated around, letting off steam.

30 min later she came out, lit the torches & candles, got in the pool with me under the stars & moonlight. I said now this is what I had in mind for our anniversary. I didnt mention how she is so not romantic today. Or how she always puts her effin' family first (oh fine, but I mean on our anniversary???) (On our 20th anniversary, we had to stop at a funeral home WITH HER SISTER on the way to dinner to look at this dead asshole in a casket she didnt even know because her sister's husband used to work with him in the police force - I was SO annoyed & MAD.)

I didn't mention I thought she was a jackass, & that I should come 1st. Or that she's not the only one with the patience of Jobe (which she says about me since I've retired..) Or that she really pisses me off. Or that I'm about sick of her damn family shit.

I thought about how it's not the 1st time & not the last, & maybe not that important. Seeing that I don't cook, don't really clean much (I'm somewhat of s slob) & have gained weight & gotten fat since I have hip pain... There are more important things to worry about like getting the damn airconditioner fixed, other bills payed, & appreciating the good things in our relationship instead of these fucked-up times. For once I didn't nag her about what a bitch she can be. (Everyone else sees her as SO sweet.) I just enjoyed the rest of the night. Of course there was no sex - forget it honey.

We spent the next half of the week in the pool out back staying cool. God sent a wonderful PSEG man that fixed the airconditioner without having to buy a new one, thank the Lord! Then we went to the shore on thurs, the movies on fri, & last night a gay party down the street.

All in all not a bad week. Guess I'll hang around for another year. Relationships are just not easy.


the only daughter said...

Ups and downs aside, 29 years...waaay impressive.


KMae said...

Thanks Deborah. It IS amazing, I tell ya, it's a damn miracle!

JulieB said...

29 years and counting! That's amazing, especially for all of the struggles you've had with Doris's family. I have to admit, that would bug the crap outta me. The good HAS to outweigh the bad then! Cindy and I have been together 5 1/2 years and I can't really say I've ever been angry with her or we've even had a fight...CONGRATS on where you've been and where you'll go twinnie! Love ya!