Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm Boring So I Have Nothing To Write About

I have nothing to say anymore. It's kinda sad... Without my job I feel too boring to write... But I am NOT BORED!! Just relaxed & so happy I can hardly contain myself. I don't miss the drama & insanity. And I really don't have much at all to complain about. Even with heel spurs & a gymp hip I am deleriously happy! I wake up everyday & thank God Goddess Universe for bringing me thru my life to this point & for keeping me alive & well! I NOW LOVE MY LIFE.

Since discovering fb, I'm on everyday. I have some friends that can't be bothered with fb, let alone computers. They piss me off, but it's their choice - they now miss my whitty little gems & fun pictures - their loss because that's where I am. It has been SO FUN to stay in touch that way with my Flight Attendants & many Lesbians & Gays as well, not to mention family! It's my thing now, if ya want me I'll be there. If you're too fucking intellectual or lazy to even learn to use/work a computer so we can keep in touch - then kiss my ASS. Go be a dweeb & pick your nose.

I'm finally starting to get a grip again & seriously drop the tonnage I added back on since freaking out over that damn plane landing & evacuation in the Hudson River TWO YEARS AGO. I am starting to write my food down, drinking more water & watching portions again. Doris is cooking healthy meals. Dropped 3.4 lbs last week & I'm on my way back to the path of SANITY!!!

Living on a 'fixed income' now - when paying bills last month, I ran out of money after the 1st 2 weeks ... So now I must learn to budget better... No more picking up trips to make ends meet with overtime... which is how I broke my body down all those years after 911 anyway. Luckily Doris was able to take up the slack & we made it thru. Thank you Jesus.

D & I went to a Lesbian party last night in the neighborhood & enjoyed it. I can't help wondering how so many couples have made so much money.. those must be some really smart women!.. I try not to be envious.

Today was The Gay Pride Parade in NYC.
D picked me up after she sang in church & off we went in the grueling sun to be prideful. It took 3 hrs to find a parking spot, BUT then had window seats dining at Manatus watching everyone fly their freak flag marching by!..... What a motley crew we gays & lesbians are. I seem to remember all the boys so perfectly put together with class when I was young & the dykes looking like Connecticut housewifes with the obligatory short hairdo, kahki slacks, penny loafers & tucked in Izod shirts. Well, not today.
Everyone was a pure-dee MESS! What a riot. Whatever. I no longer look that great anymore either.

So that's about it for June. Very Blaa, I got nothing.
Yet I'm quite content!!!
I am just SO DAMN LUCKY!!! So Lucky, so blessed.
Thank you GOD. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!

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the only daughter said...

Sounds like you have plenty to talk about. You were (are) so much more than your job.

Today, at Chicago's parade I saw many, many "Proud to be Awesome" t-shirts. The minute I saw it, I thought of you. :-)