Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hi y'all.
No matter what,
I still say life is SO GREAT!!
I lost 2.2 more lbs this week @ ww.
I got out of my job without getting fired first!
I have money to pay some bills. phew!
Since 2 back injections, my hip is not as bad & I am walking better.
My heal spurs are not bothering me so much!

I am still just laying around in the morning sleeping & watching Regis, Wendy & the View... then hang downstairs to watch AMC & OLTL. So I am still not exercising. at all. Not smart.

When it was so sweltering hot the past 3 weeks, I spent a lot of time in the above ground pool & believe me it was HEAVEN! Now that it is cooler, the pool water is freezing...yikes!

Doris is grilling a lot & we eat at the big backyard table & watch tv!
That is when we are not dining out.

No excitement, BUT I feel peaceful.
And happy!


the only daughter said...

and here's to peaceful and happiness!! that's what life is all about, especially at this stage.

Yay you!!

KMae said...

Amen Deborah!!

Maria said...

Sounds pretty squishy good to me....