Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Feeling much better

Yea! I'm better now! Guess it was a 24hr flu/virus. Phew! glad that's over with. When I was feeling so ill I put in for pvd's for my trip on the 30/31st thinking I would be too sick to work. Well they came thru so I will not have to be working that flight coming back on New Year's eve! Hooray!

I weighed in down 1.4 lbs at WW today. So that is a good result in being to sick to eat for 2 days. But Now I am again ravenous. Dang. Eating is so much fun. Why can't it just be like housework? I'd never be fat.

I accomplished a lot today, - besides going to WW, I picked up milk & eggs at Trader Joes, ordered the alloted uniform replacement items from my company, went to the dentist, & then to Lenscrafters, & took out the trash. (Trying to get all the deadlines met with insurance, etc by the end of the year!)

And NOW I think I'll SLEEP!

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