Monday, December 22, 2008

better now

Okay, I'm better now. Boy was I mad. I've moved on to worrying about Doris' grandson Davion who is stuck in Ohio without any money,trying to get the car he just bought fixed, insurance, license plates & gas to drive to Pa where he just graduated from school to pick up his clothes then drive to NJ. So he called Doris for help because nobody else will give him any money. We have a $400 gas/electric bill from last month we have to pay. I barely scraped together money for the mortgage & am on my own until the next paycheck on the 30th. I worry along with Doris that cops & highway patrol could fuck with young Davion on his way home... For those that don't know they really mess with black kids on the highways. And everywhere else for that matter.


the only daughter said...

Glad you're better. Hope the young fella can work out his $ issues and completes his travels un-touched.

Val said...

Thinking positive thoughts for him and you guys.